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More Than Great Food

For over 50 years, we have been motivated by our desire to offer superior customer service and quality foodservice 24 hours a day. 

Our establishment offers more than great foodservice; welcoming customers from all walks of life. Families, children, cherished pets, night shift workers, Uber and Lyft drivers, late night party animals and even a few famous celebrities. Emmy Award winner Tina Fey frequented the Golden Apple during her tenure at Second City, sitting in our booths writing scripts; legendary NBA Hall of Fame Chicago Bulls Coach Phil Jackson loved our burgers, critically acclaimed CBS News broadcaster Bill Curtis stopped by to interview local Chicago residents and hear about their struggles, Chicago Sun Times Food Editor Sherman Kaplan as a frequent diner, wrote a personal review, and Microsoft Founder Bill Gates paid us a visit once upon a time. We pride ourselves in offering a sense of local community, creating friendly relationships with families and their children, having a conversation and always keeping our door open with compassion to those in need of a helping hand. Consistent quality customer service, quality foodservice at affordable prices.

Welcome to the Golden Apple!

Founded on Family Values

The Golden Apple has roots dating back to the Golden Empire of Howard Quam who founded the Golden Nugget franchises. In the 1970's, Greek immigrants purchased the Golden Apple restaurant in Lakeview from the Golden Nugget franchise, creating a successful business built on family values and quality service. In the late 1990's the Golden Apple was ultimately acquired by Greek Americans with extensive experience in the ever-expanding Chicago restaurant scene, and to this day the Golden Apple Grille and Breakfast House continues to operate with the same values instilled some 40 years ago. 

A Little Taste of Greece

Greek inspired dishes are a staple at the Golden Apple. Char-broiled Greek Chicken with rice pilaf and chicken kebobs, along with authentic Greek salad with Greek Feta and Kalamata olives, and classic Gyros are favorite food items on our menu.

Good Hygiene and Healthy Food

Good hygiene with strict sanitary controls are implemented on every work shift, which in turn creates a healthier kitchen and service area for our patrons. Good quality hygiene and healthy food are very important factors at the Golden Apple.

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